Reconditioning & Re-polishing Die Services

We reduce your cost by reworking your dies. We can re-polish, recut, resize, or change the internal geometry of used dies, regardless of the original manufacturer.

Drawing dies can usually be reused several times. When you send your dies to us to be refurbished, we will inform you about the die condition, and if the dies can be re-polished or need to be recut.

Over 25 years experience in this field has built a technically sound program that utilizes precision craftsmanship and current technology to repair dies to like new condition. State-of-the-art production and measuring equipment has enabled VPD to ensure that quality standards and required die specifications are met to the customer’s satisfaction.

Incoming inspections of the dies offer insight into the recent history of the drawing process. This inspection focuses on the ability to meet the new size request and also serves to review the general wear characteristics of the die.

Information on dies that have received unusually heavy or abnormal wear is reported back to the customer so that they can inspect their supporting systems that affect the drawing process.

New dies can be added to complete the set.

You can count on us to find the most cost-effective solution for your die re-cutting needs.

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