Natural Diamond Dies

Natural diamond dies provide superior quality, hardness, accuracy and a long service life for each die. Using ND dies guarantees a good finish, high performance and incredible durability. They have the ability to maintain their high polished surfaces and tight diameter, making them perfect for fine and ultra-fine wire applications.

VPD Natural Diamond Dies are available in the size range from 0.010 mm to 0.600 mm provides premium quality and performance.

Each diamond is individually inspected to ensure that all diamonds used are free from internal defects and each diamond is properly mounted, precisely profiled, highly polished and accurately sized to offer uniform wire reduction, minimum die pull and excellent wire surface quality.

VPD’s research and innovation are combined with veteran craftsmanship to ensure precision quality and cost effectiveness using the hardest materials known to man.

Our Natural diamond is widely used for drawing fine or ultra-fine sizes or as finish dies to draw Stainless Steel, Magnet wire, Copper and Aluminum conductors, EDM, Gold, Tungsten, Molybdenum, Coated and Alloy Wires etc.

Our expertise in manufacturing ND die sets for high speed multiwire drawing machines are widely accepted by our customers.

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